Ask Your Principal to Share Their Concerns and Help Us Fight Obesity!


If we want to get more people moving, we need to expand access to places where people can exercise and play.  Research shows people who have parks or recreational facilities nearby exercise 38 percent more than people who do not.

Many communities are looking to schools to provide opportunities for physical activity for both children and adults in the community.  Some are already doing this through community use agreements that allow the community to use the school facilities and grounds during non-school hours for recreational purposes.

But, some schools have identified the threat of liability for injury or property damage as a reason they do not open their doors to community members. Please help us determine what concerns might be preventing Vermont schools from allowing community use of their property.

Please encourage your school principal to answer the 6 questions in the survey link below.

The survey takes only 3 minutes and will let us know how we might increase physical activity options for Vermonters.


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