Ask Texas Lawmakers to Fund Prevention Programs



Because of your help over the last three months lawmakers have drafted a state budget that includes several important investments for heart disease and stroke prevention. Take Action Here and ask lawmakers to fund critical measures that will prevent and treat heart disease and stroke:

The Texas House has passed their version of the state budget and now the Texas Senate is considering their version.  The budget that is eventually passed will fund state programs over the next two years and we want to ensure Heart and Stroke programs are adequately funded. 

Here are some of the funding items we support:

 -$2 million for Heart Attack and Stroke Data Collection. These funds will support a state program to collect data on the prevalence and treatment of heart attack and stroke, to improve care for heart attack and stroke patients in Texas.

 -$10 million for Texas Grocery Access.  This investment will provide grants and low cost loans to incentivize grocery stores opening in underserved communities.  Everyone should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and this will help provide more options in the most needed areas of our state.  

 -1 million for Coordinated School Health (CSH). These funds will help school districts implement CSH which is  a systematic set of school-affiliated strategies and activities designed to advance student academic performance through physical, social, and educational development. 

 -$11 million for Tobacco Prevention and Cessations.  These evidence based programs have proven to reduce youth smoking and provide resources for smokers that want to quite.  However, this program is underfunded based on Texas’ population and smoking rate.

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