Ashley and Crystal Hosey, Pennsylvania

Crystal Hosey is an energetic and delightful 4-year-old who was born with a heart defect. At first, the hospital pediatrician thought she had a heart murmur, but at Crystal’s one week checkup with her regular pediatrician he thought it was something more serious. After testing, it was determined that Crystal was born with only three of her four heart valves. She underwent her first surgery in July of 2007. Doctors put a conduit (a small tube like piece of plastic) in her heart to replace the valve that was missing. This is a temporary fix and as Crystal grows the conduit will not grow with her, so she will continue to need surgeries.


Crystal has undergone two open heart surgeries and about 10 heart catheterizations. As her symptoms are seldom seen, Crystal’s cardiologist says she is the most atypical child he has seen with a heart defect and she currently has no restrictions or medications. She is a very active young lady, attends preschool, is a YIFA cheerleader and participated in a community pageant.

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