Arzhang Fallahi, New York City


Dr. Arzhang Fallahi is a well-versed advocate for CPR training.  While in medical school in Seattle, almost of the patients he saw would have received bystander CPR.  Victims of sudden cardiac arrest would be running in a park one moment, and the runner behind them would be pushing on their chest the next minute.  Coming to NYC, where he this past year he served as a cardiology fellow at Beth Israel Medical Center, he was struck at the drastic difference.  Now he sees patients who succumbed to cardiac arrest on a subway, surrounded by hundreds of people, and no one attempted CPR.  And he will tell you – someone who suffers cardiac arrest and doesn’t receive immediate CPR will likely not survive.

This past year, Arzhang served as the President of the American Heart Association’s Cardiology Fellows of Greater New York and inspired the group to become engaged as advocates on You’re the Cure.  Thanks to the Fellows, more lawmakers are hearing directly from clinicians about the vital need for CPR training in our high schools.  While the doctors individually have trained hundreds of New Yorkers at our events this year, they know that if they’re going to achieve their mission of changing the culture around CPR response - then our CPR in Schools bill has to be approved into law!

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