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Another Nebraska School Receives CPR Training Kits


Students is the Northwest School District are learning the life-saving skill of CPR.  And while it’s good to know the proper technique, the training also provides students with the confidence to know they would know what to do if someone needed CPR. 

CPR training kits were recently donated to the Northwest Public Schools through the American Heart Association’s CPR in Schools initiative. The kit is designed to help teach students how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Five schools in the Northwest Public Schools district will share the kit, and it will be used to train students at Cedar Hollow, St. Libory, Chapman, and Northwest High School, as well as 1-R. 

Eighty percent of all cardiac arrest cases occur outside of a hospital setting.  When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, there is only about a 7% chance of survival.  However, if CPR is introduced, the survival rate can double or even triple. 

Matt Fisher, superintendent of Northwest Public Schools, said all of the district’s teachers are trained in CPR “because we think it’s a critical skill.”

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