Another Great Advocacy Day in Ohio!


This past Wednesday, 70 advocates from around the state Came to Columbus for the Ohio Advocacy Day 2013!  While I may be biased, Ohio's advocates are the best.

This year, we had four issues to discuss with legislators - pulse oximetry screening for newborns, improving stroke care, adoption of health education standards and shared use liability coverage for schools for greater opportunities for phsycial activity for the community.  While it is a lot to cover in a short meeting, our excellent advocates did a great job!  The follow up to those meetings is already underway and it is amazing.  Legislators and staff are familiar with our issues and have a greater interest because of all of our attendees!

Advocates make all the difference with our policies.  Although our policies are science and research based, we can't bring change and improvements to Ohio without all of your support.  I want to personally thank all of you for your time and dedication!  It is very much appreciated!

What's next?

Check out the action center.  As pulse oximetry is quickly moving, we'll have time critical new alerts coming soon.  In addition, the health education co-sponsor letter is still active.  You can continue to support all of our issues by sending online messages and by forwarding the alerts to others.  You can even post it on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, photos from Wednesday's event are being posted.  "Like" our page and then tag yourself and others in the photos.  (Did you take any pictures?  Share them with us on Facebook!)


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