Announcing our Leading Advocates!



We would like to recognize our Aces, Champion, and Hero advocates for their continued dedication in the fight against heart disease and stroke! Your time, energy, and passion has made all the difference in advancing our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The below advocates have taken action by responding to action alerts, visiting legislative offices, participating in advocacy trainings, and signing petition cards, just to name a few.

You can find your current ranking on the Community website under your profile. Check out our menu of activities here and see exactly how you can earn more points


Judith Baker
Doris Champ
Marilyn Clark
Holly Cunningham
Steve Day
Carol Dyer
Suzy Fehlig
Vivian Flueckiger
Rhonda Guillotte
Sharon Heflin
Julie Hefner
Monika Hemenway
Vickie Hines
Cindy Hudlow
Jeanne King
Ashley Knight
Barbara Kumpe
Lane Lovett
Wonder Lowe
Michelle Murtha
Bari Nahas
Gina Pharis
Pamm Prebil
Jennifer Pyles
Tammy Quick
Laura Ralston
Kendall Ratcliff
Katie Scherrey
Jenny Shelby
Sandy Simmons
Alexis Sims
Connie Stuart
Joyce Taylor
Robert Thompson
Linda Tredway
Janet Tucker
Kelly Warner
Lloyd Webre
Janice Wiggins
Vickie Wingfield


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