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Announcing Leading Oklahoma Advocates!


We would like to recognize our Aces, Champion, and Hero advocates for their continued dedication in the fight against heart disease and stroke! Your time, energy, and passion has made all the difference in advancing our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The below advocates have taken action by responding to action alerts, visiting legislative offices, participating in advocacy trainings, and signing petition cards, just to name a few. 

You can find your current ranking on the Community website under your profile. Check out our menu of activities here and see exactly how you can earn more points.


Haley Allen
Naomi Amaha
Julie Avants
Julie Avants
Amy Baden
Kristen Baggerly
Terri Bailey
James Baker
Claudia Barajas
MaryAnn Bauman MD
Krissy Belyeu
Samantha Bender
Vivian Bingman
Lisa Blackburn
Lawrence Brewer
Patricia Brogan
Katie Butterfield
Darry Carlstone
Shannon Clarke
Petra Colindres
Harvey Conner
Rachel Crawford
Mechele Cruz
Marilyn Davidson
Julie Elerick
shante Fenner
Brandy Flewellen
Kerrie Frazier
Nancy Grayson
Barbara Hannah
Lindsey Hansen
Ashton Hardison
Joyce Hepler
Debbie Hite
Pamela Hollie
Misty Hsieh
Bill Humphrey
Chrissie Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Shelly Jordan
Jane Krizer
Mercedes Lackey
Michael Laird
Britni Lauzon
Karina Lora
Brandon Maples
Monica Martin
Lea May
Donna McDannold
Toni McGee
Calley McGehee Herth
Mark Meadors
Grace Medina
William Miller
Patrick Milligan
Gloria Moore
Steve Nguyen
Patricia Norris
Kevin Nowak
Mary Payne
Jennifer Phenix
Lyle Price
James Proszek
Melissa Ramirez
Georgina Riggs
Amanda Rowell
Fred Schmidt
Jennifer Seal
Christina Shay
Linda Slawson
Kathy Smarinsky
Michael Spain
Janet Spradlin
Amy Steelman
Carol Sterling
Jan Stevenson
Sherri Stewart
Robyn Sunday-Allen
Justin Thankachan
Elizabeth Tork
Anna Wanahita
Shelly Warren
Teresa Whited
Cindy Wilcox
Brenda Wiseman

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