Announcing Leading New Mexico Advocates!


We would like to recognize our Aces, Champion, and Hero advocates for their continued dedication in the fight against heart disease and stroke! Your time, energy, and passion has made all the difference in advancing our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The below advocates have taken action by responding to action alerts, visiting legislative offices, participating in advocacy trainings, and signing petition cards, just to name a few.

You can find your current ranking on the Community website under your profile. Check out our menu of activities here and see exactly how you can earn more points.

New Mexico

Kenya Adkins
Stacy Berry
Judy Bess
Mary Bissell
Alan Bixler
Don Bremner
Fran Briem
Leslie Collier
Gary Cronin
B. Diener
Amy Dingman
Claire Dudley Chavez
I. Engle
Rick Evans
Patricia Gilliland
Peggy Harelson
diane Kean
Enola Keller
Suzanne Lawson
Diane Martin
Jimmy Martinez
Joshua Martinez
Jose Martinez
Jim Meyers
Kelly Moore
Jim Myers
Taylor Pellegrin
Taylor Pellegrini
Peter Roche
Vicki Spanogle
Robert Taylor

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