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Annabelle needs healthy food for her son and her community

Read and watch the story of Annabelle Jimenez, a Queens resident who believes New Yorkers like her shouldn't have to travel outside the city to access healthy food.


"I was never introduced to healthy eating growing up, and as I got older, my diet was getting worse instead of better. When I started the journey to take over my life and eat healthy, I realized I needed to make changes for myself and so I could be around for my son, and so I could teach him and show him the importance of eating healthy.

"When I decided to be healthier, I became happier. I had the resources to do it. There are a lot of people who can’t follow through because they don’t have the resources or the options. Every New Yorker should have access to affordable, healthier foods.

"The New York City Council needs to hear from you this week as they debate the city’s budget for health programs – make sure they include healthy food!

"Where I live in Queens, it’s mostly corner stores and fast food that are easy to get to. We don’t really have public transportation, so my neighbors go to the easiest place. To get fresh produce, you have to drive to Long Island or deeper into Queens. I wish there were an easier way for families to access fresh fruits and vegetables. New Yorkers shouldn’t have to travel outside the city to access healthy food." - Annabelle Jimenez, Queens resident

Act now: Join Annabelle and the American Heart Association in sending a message to the NYC Council to ensure that every New Yorker has access to affordable, healthy food – no matter where they live.

Annabelle - click to watch video

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