Andy DeLoreto, Connecticut

My name is Andy DeLoreto and it is an honor to be an advocate for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, and has been a part of my life for the last 25 years.

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When I was diagnosed with a heart condition at 40, which eventually required surgery two years later in 2008, it came as a surprise to many.  Eager to resume normal activity, I had a quick and successful recovery.  That being said, nine months following surgery I had my first stroke and then my second in 2011, which to this day still no cause has been identified. 

I feel so thankful for the care I received through those tough times and in the present.  Most importantly, I came to the realization that stroke and heart disease can affect anyone, the young and healthy included.  Since then, I have always taken the position of “Why Not Me?”  I have delivered this message to family, friends and colleagues.  Maintaining a strong mental presence is as important as the physical one.

In 2016, my schedule has allowed me to be involved with the AHA/ASA, which included sharing my story at the New England Cerebrovascular Consortium with particular attention on stroke recognition and identification and beginning work with the RI Stroke Task Force.  Most recently, I testified in support of Senate Bill 34 with the CT Public Health committee for the recognition of stroke centers in the State of CT.  I have also enjoyed attending several stroke survivor meetings, and interacting with so many other patients, and understanding and talking about their unique circumstances.

Working with so many great people who support such a worthy cause that touches so many people in our lives is an incredible experience.  I look forward to continued interaction with the AHA/ASA and continued focus on a Healthy Lifestyle. 

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