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And, the healthiest state is...


Well unfortunately, it isn't Ohio.  The new America's Health Rankings came out and Ohio is ranked 35.  While that is a minor improvement over last year (we moved up one spot,) that doesn't mean that are actual health is better.  It could mean other states became a little more unhealthy. 

Either way, who wants to stay ranked 35?

The great news is that we know many of the solutions and we have been working on them!  Of course, we have to make sure the "healthy" voice is heard.  But, we can't do it without you!  By sending a message to your legislators, you can help us move Ohio closer to the Healthiest States.

Tobacco - We know a comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation and appropriate funding can make a big difference.  Since Ohio is ranked 50th in state funding, this can make a big difference. 

Health Education Standards - Ohio is one of only two states without health education standards, which provides a quality framework regardless of the health topic. 

Tobacco - Parents know kids mirror what they see.  We can change the social norms and reduce the risk of kids starting to use tobacco by making all schools 100% tobacco free.

Check back to the Action Center.  We'll be working on new solutions very soon!  Together, we CAN make a difference here in Ohio!

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