An Update On Our Work to Help Idaho Moms

Legislation, HB 633, that will help protect the health of Idaho’s new moms by extending postpartum coverage from 60 days to a full year for those eligible for Medicaid through pregnancy is being considered by state lawmakers. We are expecting it to be heard in the House Health and Welfare Committee this week.

The Idaho Maternal and Infant Health Report shows a troubling trend in our state regarding maternal and infant deaths. Between 2019 and 2021, maternal deaths more than doubled. Sadly, almost all of these maternal deaths were preventable. Data tells us many cardiovascular and other health concerns directly related to pregnancy may not be discovered until well after the birth of a child.

Access to affordable postpartum care is crucial if we are going to reverse this trend. If this bill passes out of committee, and we have a good feeling it will, the next step will be for it to pass a vote in the House. We hope we have good news to share soon.

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