Alyssa Fernandes

In this month’s volunteer spotlight we are featuring Alyssa Fernandes. You may recognize her photo and name if you are from New Hampshire because she is the current Miss New Hampshire USA. She is also a registered dietitian.

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of Alyssa at Lobby Day
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of Alyssa at Lobby Day

Alyssa is a relentless force for the AHA mission in the fight for longer, healthier lives. She has taken part in New Hampshire State Lobby Days where she has spoken with state lawmakers about the importance of (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funding for Granite State residents. Throughout the current Covid-19 situation, Alyssa has remained active as an advocate writing letters to the editor to make sure her voice is heard.

In her latest letter, Alyssa stated, “As a volunteer for the American Heart Association, I am deeply concerned about the public health crisis facing our country from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). As a Registered Dietitian, I have worked to strengthen public nutrition programs and have seen firsthand the important role programs like WIC and SNAP play in the community. Given the resulting economic impact, the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the problem of food insecurity for vulnerable NH residents.  The federal funds for NH residents are helping put food on tables right now, but NH can do more to support good nutrition beyond the pandemic.

She went on to say, “SNAP incentive programs help families stretch their food dollars and buy healthier options, teach children healthy behaviors, and help establish lifelong habits that will support their overall health and wellness. Healthier meals for families are important to help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.”

Alyssa is committed to making sure New Hampshire takes the steps needed to help people who need it the most access healthier foods.  She is a strong champion for making sure everyone can eat healthy and live a longer, healthier life. 

We thank Alyssa for being a member of You’re the Cure and all the work she is doing on behalf of the American Heart Association. We truly appreciate Alyssa’s relentless spirit in the fight for longer, healthier lives!

Alyssa with her lawmaker at NH 2020 Lobby Day

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