Alabama Session Update - Week 3

On January 25, AHA's TeleCPR Bill was introduced for first reading. The bill (HB300) is sponsored by Rep. Connie Rowe and Rep. Victor Gaston. The bill was carried over in committee on Wednesday until the sponsor and AHA can work out some details with the 9-1-1 board. 


Action Needed  

Please sign the Alabama Telephone CPR petition at and share the link on social media and with family, friends and volunteers. We are working to ensure all 911 dispatchers in Alabama are trained and able to help callers perform CPR when needed. We are asking staff and volunteers to sign the petition to let our legislators know we care about this issue.

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Ask friends, family and volunteers to join You're the Cure. They can fill out a sign up form found on SharePoint or sign up online at   

Key Dates  

The Alabama House of Representatives will reconvene Tuesday, February 6 at 1pm.
The Alabama Senate will reconvene Tuesday, February 6 at 2pm.

Campaign Updates  

State Campaigns  

Telephone CPR (T-CPR or TeleCPR):

During the 2018 legislative session, we are urging legislators to support efforts to require all 911 telecommunicators that provide dispatch for emergency medical conditions be trained in the delivery of high quality telephone CPR. This is the top priority for the organization during session.
Did you know? The first 9-1-1 call made in the United State happened in Haleyville, Alabama! On February 16, 1968, Senator Rankin Fite completed that first call. The serving telephone company was then Alabama Telephone Company. This Haleyville 9-1-1 system is still in operation today.

Healthy Food Financing Initiatives (HFFI):

Also during session, we will support efforts to secure funds for Alabama’s Healthy Food Financing program. If you recall, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) received $300,000 from the legislature to distribute to food retailers, such as grocers, farmer’s markets and wholesale markets, in underserved communities, enabling them to open, renovate, or expand grocery stores to increase the availability of healthy foods. They accepted applications from November – December 2017. The core team continues to meet to discuss next steps about future revenue measures. Contact [email protected] with questions.  

Local Campaigns  

Complete Streets – Birmingham: We are excited to announce that on January 9, the Birmingham City Council Transportation Committee passed a complete streets policy and it will now move forward to be voted on by full council. In the coming weeks, we will activate our grassroots network, which includes all staff, to urge council to pass a complete streets policy for Birmingham. If you would like to be engaged in this local campaign, contact Alex Carmack at [email protected].  

In Other News 

Articles of Interest:  

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