Mim Gaines, Birmingham

Miriam "Mim" Gaines is the dietetic internship director at Samford University. The program is housed in the School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences. In this role, Mim is able to work with interns finishing the requirement to be a registered dietitian. She is also able to work with other health professionals, such as nursing and pharmacy students at Samford. Before joining Samford, she served as the Nutrition and Physical Activity (NPA) Director.



She enjoys having dietetic interns involved with American Heart Association activities and programs.  She explains that it helps introduce the dietetic interns to state and national advocacy work that supports nutrition. She stated, “It is wonderful to help future dietitians see common passions that cross disciplines, such as easy access to produce, having safe walking areas and smoke free cities."

Mim has been active on the American Heart Association's Alabama Advocacy Committee for more than five years and also serves on the Metro Birmingham Board. Mim recommends others become more involved as well, "There is always room for another volunteer!" 


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