LaKayla Doxie and Patrice Brown, Alabama

August 23, 2016 started like any other day, work, then home, and out for a walk to exercise. However, by the end of this day, life would never be the same for LaKayla Doxie of Tuscumbia. After work, LaKayla went home, changed into exercise clothes, and went for a walk.


Meanwhile, Patrice Brown ended her day with cross country practice and a parent meeting. On her way home she found a lady, in exercise clothes, lying face down in the street, unconscious. She and two ladies, Wanda and Donna, stopped at the same time to offer assistance.

Upon first evaluation, the lady in the street was breathing, but soon completely stopped. She had no pulse and no respiration. Patrice immediately started Hands-Only CPR with the assistance of Wanda and Donna. They had no idea what had happened to this 32-year-old young lady, only that she had an apparent head injury and was essentially dead on the street. They would later learn that she had suffered a massive heart attack.

The 911 operator continued giving CPR instructions, but was untrained in Hands-Only CPR, which is what this situation called for since LaKayla suffered head and facial injuries. Thankfully as a coach, Patrice was trained in Hands-Only CPR and was able to administer this life-saving first aid until paramedics arrived. Once paramedics were on the scene they took over and had to shock LaKayla twice to get a heart rhythm back.

After triple bypass, LaKayla is now fully recovered and back to exercising. She continues to see her cardiologist on a regular basis and has a very bright future with her two beautiful daughters. She works full-time and is thankful for the people who stopped to help her that afternoon in August 2016. CPR saves lives and anyone can do it.

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