Alabama E-Cigarettes Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

We do everything we can to protect our loved ones, especially children, from the harms of tobacco and nicotine. But unfortunately, with many adolescents falsely believe that new tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, are safe, we know many kids face real pressure to pick up this deadly habit. That's why throughout Alabama's legislative session, the American Heart Association has been asking legislators to support House Bill 41 aimed to help reduce kids' access to e-cigarettes and protect them from a lifelong addiction to tobacco and nicotine. 

We're excited that on May 15th the Senate voted in favor of HB41 - sending the bill to the governor's desk! Please join us in thanking your senator for their vote


A big thank to the You’re the Cure advocates who sent emails, tweets and made phone calls to their senators. The tobacco industry was out in full force against HB41, and your advocacy made a big difference!

As a reminder, HB41 by Reps. Shane Stringer and Barbara Drummond would:

  • Set the legal sale age for alternative nicotine products and electronic nicotine delivery systems to fully align with tobacco products.
  • Prohibit the marketing of these products as a tobacco cessation product, as a healthier alternative to smoking, or as available for purchase in any variety of flavors other than tobacco, mint, or menthol.
  • Require stores that sell e-cigarettes to obtain a permit regulated by the Alabama Beverage Control Board, just like retailers who sell tobacco products.
  • Prohibit marketing of these products on any outdoor billboard within 1,000 feet of any public or private K-12 school or public playground.
  • Ensure that specialty stores do not open within 1,000 feet of a public or private K-12 school, a licensed child-care facility or preschool, a church, a public library, a public playground, a public park or youth center or other youth-oriented activities.

It's important your senator is aware that you appreciate their vote. Send your message now!

We'll keep you posted, as we wait for Governor Kay Ivey to sign the bill into law.

Jada Shaffer, Alabama Government Relations Director for the American Heart Association, contributed to the post.

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