Beverly Moore-Harton, Jasper

I’ve advocated and coordinated events and galas for eight years. Excited about promoting heart health for women can’t begin to express my feelings. Hard work, yes, but it generates such joy and compassion for educating women of this dreadful disease. God placed this endeavor on my mind, and impressed it in my heart to do. 


I accepted it, and He’s blessed my works! With each event that I do, medical professionals are on hand to screen guests' blood pressure and record their heart rates. With these preventative screenings, we have discovered women who didn’t know they had hypertension and were sent to ER immediately with their blood pressure at stroke level!

This work has had a great impact on my life, as well as, my family's lives. I’m so concerned about my diet and exercise that it is very passionate to me. I had a liver transplant in 2011. Afterwards, I gained more weight than ever before. Due to this major life change, I work very hard to combat weight gain due to medications that I will take for life.

My family and church family are very supportive. They follow me when I have speaking engagements and wear red proudly! Several years ago, my father had a massive heart attack and thankfully survived. A couple years ago, my brother had a massive heart attack and unfortunately died. When I “Go Red”, people rally behind me with great enthusiasm. Now what really excites me is that the Mayor and the City of Jasper and surrounding area of Walker County are participating in this worthy cause! 

I, along with Jasper and surrounding areas of Walker County are hosting a “Go Red” Gala Friday, Feb.12, 2016. There is a great buzz around town for this worthy cause. We are “going red” and loving it! When I speak about heart disease to coworkers, some are very interested, but others take it lightly. This is a serious matter - one of life or death, I tell them. Therefore, I give them the statistics and invite them to make a change for the better. “Life is Why!" After my plan of retirement, beginning in three years, I'd like to incorporate a chapter/foundation in Walker County and religiously work at raising awareness for women and all residents in Walker County, while raising funds to benefit all residents who needs the assistance financially. I’ve never been diagnosed with hypertension, and for that I’m thankful to God each day! However, I have several siblings who are managing their hypertension with medication, diet and exercise. It gives me great joy in educating, empowering and promoting this great cause, the 'Go Red For Women' campaign. 

Furthermore, my husband, daughters, and entire family are the 'wind beneath my wings!'

{Original Publication Date: February 2016}

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