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AHA Joins Alabama Grocery Tax Task Force

Recently, Governor Bentley appointed the American Heart Association to the Alabama Grocery Tax Task Force regarding the removal of sales tax on groceries. The American Heart Association is the only non-profit organization asked to serve in this capacity thus far.

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According to Governor Bentley's office, “the task force will review the state portion of taxes related to groceries and essential food products and recommend to the Governor and the Legislature on how to repeal the sales tax on groceries. They will also review health outcomes that are related to reducing or eliminating the sales tax on groceries.”

The American Heart Association looks forward to serving on the task force. The average American family spends about $150 a week on groceries. As food prices continue to rise, grocery shopping on a budget with your health in mind becomes more challenging. Removing the tax on groceries is one way to help Alabamians choose and enjoy healthier foods. 

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