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AHA evidence touted by Maine media

We were thrilled to see Maine's newspapers use AHA's expertise on Question 3.

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By now the election is over. As I write this, however, we are still a few days away from November 7th. I thought you would be interested that both the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald noted our support of the transportation bonds as a reason to support Question 3. I sure hope it passed. We desperately need safe places to bike, run, walk and scoot.

The BDN stated: "We agree with the American Heart Association suggestion that a portion of this bond funding be used for bicycle and pedestrian projects, both to improve safety and to encourage healthy alternatives to driving."

The Portland Press Herald linked to our legislative testimony in their editorial.

This is the sort of evidence-based policy work that the AHA does in Maine. We are proud that our biggest newspapers noted our positions and used our evidence as they formulated their own positions. If you'd like to see our testimony, please follow the link in the Portland Press Herald. Just click on "health."

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