American Heart Association Advocate, Bella Crowe Recognized at National Philanthropy Day Event

Recently, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Arkansas Chapter celebrated National Philanthropy Day by recognizing individuals, corporations and organizations that lead collective efforts of building a brighter future in Arkansas. American Heart Association advocate, Bella Crowe was recognized for her advocacy and fundraising work in support of teen health and nutrition access with the AHA as an Outstanding Volunteer Youth Fundraiser nominee. 

Sophe Sligh, Bella Crowe and Ebony Mitchell attending the AFP National Philanthropy Day Luncheon.

More from Bella on her work with the American Heart Association:

"Everyone can find a place in the American Heart Association. They helped me and many other people my age develop my voice and mentor me into being a leader. With the American Heart Association, I have been able to do so much, including starting my food cart at school, representing them as a teen voice at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition & Health, and finding my passion for health advocacy.

I have met volunteers from across the country that are passionate about the American Heart Association for more reasons than I can count. We come from all backgrounds and ages, but we all find a place where we can make a difference.

Bella Crowe with her parents, Aaron and Amber attending the AFP National Philanthropy Day Luncheon.

My family has a history of cardiovascular disease, in fact, my grandfather received open heart surgery for a defect on his aortic valve at 37, but he unfortunately passed before I was born so I never got to meet him. Because of this, I have learned to be grateful that I am able to make a difference in my community when it comes to education on heart disease and how to prevent it, because not everyone has access to those opportunities. I feel that my work with the AHA connects me with my grandfather who I wasn’t able to know, and now I can give others a chance that he never got".

Congratulations, Bella! We are incredibly proud of you. 

*Photos courtesy of Matthew Sewell Photography



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