AHA Advocacy Day at the Capitol

South Dakota AHA advocates and stakeholder partners descended upon Pierre on February 12-13 for our annual Advocacy Day at the Capitol.  Advocates, volunteers and survivors participated in an advocacy training before heading to the Capitol to visit with their legislators.  

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of advocates and stakeholders at Advocacy training
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of advocates with the Governor at the statehouse

The focus of our event was SB 140, our CPR in Schools bill.  SB 140 was approved out of the senate committee by a 7-0 vote.  Advocates and volunteers worked the hallways and committee rooms encouraging their Senator to approve the bill on the senate floor.  Later that day, advocates were recognized in the gallery before the bill was approved by a 33-0 vote. 

To thank your senator for approving SB 140, CLICK HERE

The bill now goes before House Education Committee.  While our bill has enjoyed significant support on the Senate side, we can’t let up on our momentum to get this done.  Please message the House Education committee members and encourage their support for SB 140.  Your voice can make all the difference!  

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