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AHA Volunteer Receives Governor Appointment


Wonder Lowe, longtime volunteer for the American Heart Association was recently appointed by Governor Mike Beebe to serve on the State Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Advisory Committee.  Lowe was sworn in as the official first action for her appointment.  Lowe, a survivor of congestive heart failure and a volunteer for the Association has served as the Chair of the State Advocacy committee represented the AHA at a 2012 White House Briefing, a member of the Health Equity Committee,  former Central AR Heart Association board member and a key volunteer for the American Heart Association.  Lowe will serve as the key volunteer and monitor Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Programs for the Association.

The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Advisory committee was developed as part of the State’s Initiated Act 1 of 2000.  The Act is the state’s law regarding the Master Tobacco Settlement Dollars.

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