New State healthy food access report, Healthy Food = Healthy Economy, is now available!


A new report released last week by a group of New York State coalition partners sheds light on the efforts to improve access to healthy food and how more work needs to be done.

The report, Healthy Food = Healthy Economy, details New York State’s work to improve healthy food access and its impact on the state’s economy. It also breaks down the current status of healthy food access in New York and the health problems associated with lack of access.

Current statistics show that six out of ten adults in NYS, and one-third of the state's children are at serious risk for diet-related diseases, which can be influenced by unhealthy nutrition. Eating a healthy diet is a major factor in preventing the obesity epidemic, but many New Yorkers do not have access to the healthy food they need. In fact, 32 of New York’s 62 counties struggle with access to healthy food.

The Healthy Food = Healthy Economy report shows investing in healthy food retail and improving access to healthy foods can help keep both the New York community and the New York economy healthy. This is why we need to continue fighting for funding to improve access to healthy foods across our state. Follow this link to read the report:

Please join us in our fight for healthy food access by contacting the NYS Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker to remind them why healthy food retail is important.  Let them know that as an advocate for the American Heart Association, you would like our state to devote $18 million dollars to improve access to healthy foods. For additional talking points, please review the linked state report found above.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie - 518-455-3791

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan - 518-455-2071

Help us keep the momentum going as budget negotiations kick into high gear. New Yorkers all across the state who lack access to healthy foods are counting on us!

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