Affordable Health Insurance is Available

The American Heart Association and many other organizations are spreading the word- affordable health insurance is available through Hundreds of thousands of people have already enrolled in plans for 2018. It’s a great start, but we need your to help to spread the message even further!

state_featured_action=== is open for business! enroll by December 15th.

Research shows that cardiovascular disease patients who are uninsured or underinsured have worse health outcomes – including higher mortality rates and poorer blood pressure control – than those patients who are insured. Uninsured stroke patients suffer from greater neurological impairments, longer hospital stays and higher risk of death than those patients with adequate coverage. That’s why we are encouraging patients to get covered during this open enrollment period, before the Dec. 15 deadline.


Post a message on Twitter or Facebook to let friends and family know there is a health insurance plan that’s right for them. Encourage them to get enrolled at You can use the sample messages provided here.

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