Advocates Take Charge for CPR in School



Last week saw “Team CPR” volunteers help move legislation at the Colorado State Capitol. Monday, April 21 volunteers Sheri Foote and Sue Kardon led the charge to train legislators and staff in the life saving technique of CPR. Our volunteers we able to meet with legislators and secure support for our CPR in schools grant program bill.

On Thursday, April 24 volunteers Sundae Vialajaro, Bob Bowman, the Butler family, Dave Rush, Lindsay Hayden, and Cameron Oliver all gave 5 hours of their time to join us in committee. Each brought a different perspective on why this bill was so important. Their testimony was so powerful that two no votes changed their minds last minute and supported the bill, making this a unanimously passed bill from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Thanks to all the YTC advocates for making their voice heard on CPR in Schools!

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