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Advocates Lobby for FIT Kids


Nine remarkable You’re the Cure advocates met Jan. 28th with Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. to request support for the Fitness Integrated with Teaching (FIT) Kids Act. FIT Kids is a bipartisan bill that would help ensure children receive quality physical education at school.

The advocates, a mix of physical education teachers, school administrators, researchers and parents, urged lawmakers to consider the importance of investing in a child’s health and academic achievement through quality, evidence-based physical education. The advocates shared anecdotal evidence and research that shows regular physical education addresses the childhood obesity epidemic and leads to healthier children who behave and learn better in the classroom.

Advocate Kevin Herber, a PE teacher from WI, cited extremely limited budgets and the inability to maintain and replace equipment as a clear demonstration of the need for federal support for physical education programs. After a day of training, advocate Bill Bailey from Alaska offered thanks to the American Heart Association for organizing the event on this important topic. Many of the advocates in DC cited their role as parents as a motivating factor in their passion for this bill.

Advocates across the country showed their support for those in DC, too,  sending more than 4,800 email messages to Capitol Hill in support of the FIT Kids Act, and creating buzz on our You’re the Cure facebook page.

With your help, we will continue to advocate strongly for FIT Kids.  Get started now- take action today! Then comment below to tell us why PE matters to you!

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