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Advocates in NJ Will Continue to Fight for Tobacco Control Funding


Over the past few years, funding for tobacco control in NJ has been decreasing steadily until it was completely eliminated from the state budget this year.  Despite the best efforts of our advocates to make their voices heard in the last few months, it was not reinstated.  The state budget was passed in late June with $0 allocated for tobacco control. 

Although it is too late to make changes to the budget for this year, many advocates contacted the Governor and their representatives in the Legislature after the passage of the state budget to express their disappointment with this decision and to let them know that we will not back down.  New Jersey currently generates nearly $1 billion in tobacco related revenue each year.  In recent years, that revenue has gone into the general fund to be allocated for other priorities.  We will continue to fight for a portion of the funding to go to tobacco control.

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