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Advocates in Action: Kentucky's Kimberly Clark Takes Her Family's Story to DC!


I recently visited Washington D.C. for the American Heart Association's 2013 You're the Cure on the Hill. It was my first time in D.C. and I had a great experience! I was able to meet with my lawmakers to discuss restoring funding to the National Institutes of Health. I was there representing my home state of Kentucky.

I have three children, two of which were born with Congenital Heart Defects. I shared my story with lawmakers and explained to them the importance of research funding and how it made a difference in my children being here today. My 7 year old son had one open heart surgery and my 5 year old daughter has had 11 surgeries to date and will need more. My 1 year old son is perfectly healthy. If it were not for research, my children would not be here today.

During my visit to Washington D.C., I learned the importance to being an advocate for the American Heart Association. I met many advocates with many stories to share. I hope to attend the next You're the Cure on the Hill. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! 

--Kimberly Clark


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