Advocates and Survivors Unite for Massachusetts HEART on the HILL


Advocates and heart survivors from the American Heart Association took the time to visit Beacon Hill and educate their legislators on the importance of bystander CPR, access to AEDs, and the importance of screening for critical congenital heart defects. 

Pulse Ox Now!

Congenital heart disease affects approximately 8 of every 1,000 live births. They are the most common birth defects in the U.S. and the leading killer of infants with birth defects. Fortunately, there is a non-invasive screening test, pulse oximetry that can identify some infants with a congenital heart defect and identify newborns at risk for heart defects and potentially save their lives.

CPR and AEDs Save Lives!

Nearly 383,000 people have cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year, and only 11% survive, most likely because they don’t receive timely CPR. Given right away, CPR doubles or triples survival rates. Survivors and advocates asked legislators to support, legislation that would require newborn pulse oximetry screenings for congenital heart defects (Senate #1008 and House #1971) and Requiring instruction in CPR and AED use for high school graduation (Senate #266 and House #416).

It's not to late to get involved! Visit the Action Center and get involved!

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