Advocate with Heart, Kerri Cullity

Kerri is using her passion and expertise to ensure that everyone is getting the quality stroke treatment they deserve!

hero_image_alt_text===An image of Kerri Cullity.

Kerri Cullity has brought her passion and commitment to the cause as a board member, advocate, and survivor.

It became personal to her when 3 years ago, at 36, she suffered a stroke while on her honeymoon. It was caused by a PFO (Patent Foramen Oval). She then had to fight to get coverage for her to have the surgery and peace of mind of closing the PFO.

She has brought that experience, as well as the experience of seeing her mother-in-law who when she suffered a second stroke was taken to the closest hospital in lieu of being taken to the hospital that was most equipped to treat her stroke, to fight for the creation of a statewide stroke system of care.

Kerri’s voice and determination helped us get the stroke bill further than it has ever made it in the legislature. With her continued help, we know that our stroke bill will cross the finish line.

We are also very lucky to have her voice, determination, and expertise in the healthcare arena to help us think strategically and thoughtfully on where we go as an organization to help prevent and protect people from suffering devastating cardiovascular events.

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