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Matt Keene, New Hampshire



Julie Marconi, Pennsylvania

My mother Peggy Donahay died December 7, 2011, at age 80.  She had heart disease, was a diabetic,  and experienced seven mini-strokes.  We had been taking care of her for the last 4 years.  On November 2011, she had another stroke which affected her walking, talking and swallowing.  They told us there was nothing else they could to do, but two weeks later she was eating, walking and trying to talk.  There was hope!


Share Your Story: Steve Irigoyen

Steve Irigoyen, California I was a healthy and active professional when I first had a heart attack at 39 in 2002. Since then I've had six more heart attacks, a stroke, two open-heart bypass surgeries and 15 stents placed in my arteries...

Share Your Story: Rayme Elliott

Rayme Elliott, California My son Logan, became sick overnight, went into cardiac arrest and tragically passed away at only 14 months old. For the first two months of Logan’s life, he had an undetected heart defect that left one side...

Share Your Story: Joe Debbs

Joe Debbs, California I have been an AHA volunteer for over ten years. I am passionate about promoting heart disease and stroke awareness across all ethnicities and I strongly advocate for equal access to affordable health care. As a former Board Chair of...

Share Your Story: Jodi Pitzen

Jodi Pitzen, California I started smoking at 19. Admittedly, I would still be a smoker today if I had not had a heart attack in 2008. Fortunately, quitting was not very hard and I am proud to say I celebrated my third...

Share Your Story: Danielle Hammons

Danielle Hammons, Nevada My sister had her first open heart surgery at 21 years old. She was told that she would need to have one of her valves replaced with a mechanical valve. The doctor went on to explain that...

Share Your Story: Alona Angosta

Alona Angosta, Nevada I am a Nurse Practitioner and an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Nursing. Many of my patients, family members, and their friends are victims of heart disease. My research interest is...

Share Your Story: Pamela Hirata

Pamela Hirata, Hawaii My life as a mother and co-worker is the norm. In my mid 30's I suffered three sudden cardiac arrests. There were no warning signs and no family history of cardiovascular disease. Like many I thought heart...

Share Your Story: Phil Pomeroy

Phil Pomeroy, Arizona My mom, Jane Pomeroy, had always been the epitome of health. She played golf regularly and walks religiously around her neighborhood. One day she could not quite get words out the way she wanted. A series of...