Advocate Spotlight: Tim Meyer

Strong Emergency Systems of Care is why

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What brought you to be an advocate for the American Heart Association?

I have been a paramedic since 1992 and have seen firsthand how cardiac and stroke emergencies impact people in a very personal way.  I have experience in the legislative process in North Dakota and know that you can make a difference advocating for statewide policy changes or enhancements in our state. 

What issues or policies are you most passionate about and why?

I currently work for Sanford Health and have oversight of Sanford AirMed and F-M Ambulance Service.  My expertise and interest is in emergency systems of care development.  I know that we can make a difference in the lives of our patients by having a systematic approach to get patients to definitive care in a timely manner.

What is your favorite advocacy memory or experience so far and what made it great?

I really enjoy the legislative process.  I like meeting our legislators, developing relationships to work together on improving the health of our citizens.  There have been many victories AHA has been involved with over the years but I remember the work we did to put AEDs in schools.  I know that has saved lives in our state. 

What is your favorite way to be active?

My strength is to represent EMS in our work in advocacy.  I like testifying in legislative hearings and answering the thoughtful questions our state’s legislators ask.  It’s a really interesting process. 

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable and any tips for how you serve or prepare it?

I love honeycrisp apples and can’t wait for summer.  We have two apple trees in our yard and it’s amazing how many apples we get. 

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