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Advocate Spotlight: Stacy Johnson

I often tell people that my father died of smoking.

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He had a life-long battle with heart disease and while the medical advancements offered many life extending treatments, eventually his arteries were too brittle from the calcification caused by smoking for further intervention.  Honoring my father’s memory by helping others avoid a similar fate is always top of mind!  I believe raising the minimum purchasing age of tobacco products to 21 years old has life-saving potential and I’m honored to be a part of the campaign in Arizona! 

I have experience advocating for CPR in Schools, improving nutritional content in schools, and improving physical education (PE) in schools because they align whole heartedly to my personal agenda as a mother!  As the operations manager of a household of 3 athletic boys, a health and fitness coach, and enthusiast I spend my days promoting movement, exercise, veggie eating and advocating for policies that will reduce heart disease.  Advocating with the American Heart Association is an exciting opportunity to take things to the next level and I am humbled to be considered part of the team.  Want to join the team with me? Contact Josh Brown at [email protected] for more information!

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