Advocate Spotlight: Shuron Abdullah

Advocates who have seen firsthand the impacts of heart health play a key role in demonstrating the impacts of policies which support longer, healthier lives.

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Shuron Abdullah is an advocate in Maryland who has been a relentless force for good since joining You’re the Cure. Shuron is a Retired Respiratory Therapy professional with 32 years of experience in acute care, and knows the importance of healthcare literacy and being an advocate for ourselves, families and communities.

Her journey in healthcare afforded her the opportunities to not only provide bedside respiratory care to patients, but also to educate their family members, respiratory and nursing students, as well as community members about how to maintain and improve their health and quality of life. Shuron’s journey as a BLS (Basic Life Support) and HeartSaver Instructor for the American Heart Association has empowered her to focus on AHA’s “Life Is Why”. Shuron has also played an important role in recent advocacy campaigns like this year’s Self Measured Blood Pressure funding and overriding the tobacco tax veto in 2021.

Shuron’s “Why” is being an African-American female, wife, mother, grandmother. She is a community health advocate who has witnessed first-hand the disparities in healthcare outcomes that exist today, and the importance of working together to improve healthcare outcomes for all.

Recently, Shuron shared her thoughts on the impacts of flavored tobacco with Baltimore Sun readers. You can find that letter to the editor here.

Shuron encourages everyone to use their voice to help build healthier communities.  Take a moment today to share why you are an advocate with your friends and family – ask them to join you by texting HEART to 46839 or visiting

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