Advocate Spotlight: Nicole Neugebauer

We are proud to recognize Nicole Neugebauer in our Advocate Spotlight!  Nicole was instrumental in helping South Dakota ensure all our students learn the life-saving skill of hands-only CPR before graduating from high school. Recently, the South Dakota Hall of Fame selected Nicole as as example of an Act of Excellence in their publication, A Mission to Save Lives, submitted by Mr. Terry Woster.  Woster submitted the recommendation for inclusion in the SD Hall of Fame's Archive of the History of the Culture of Excellence in South Dakota. 

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In his submission, Woster states of Nicole, "As the state’s 2015 EMT of the Year, Nicole's goal was simply to improve the health of South Dakotans. One way to do that is to train young people in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. She has trained as many as 200 Douglas County students over the past three years. Becoming involved in the drive for statewide student training was a natural extension of that effort.'

For more on this story, CLICK HERE.  Congratulations Nicole! 

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