Advocate Spotlight: Maynard Konechne

Safety and Helping Others is why

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My name is Maynard Konechne of Kimball, South Dakota. I have served my community and the state of South Dakota as an emergency medical technician for 44 plus years and a CPR Instructor since 1979. My interest in the American Heart Association goes hand and hand with the work and services that emergency personnel provide in pre-hospital emergency care.

The issues or policies that I am most passionate about is providing a safer environment for our children and grandchildren and helping them learn ways to help individuals in our state. By teaching hands only CPR we can have more individuals in our state in keeping them safe in the event of a heart attack.

My favorite advocacy memory so far has been a few years ago we finally got the support to pass the bill in South Dakota to require all students to know hands only CPR before they graduate from high school. This was accomplished after the first bill requiring students to learn CPR was introduced 32 years prior to passing the current bill. As we say in the back hallways persistence pays off in the long run.

My favorite way to be active is by spending time in Pierre during the session and getting to know our Representatives and Senators and educating them on current issues. I also spend time contacting our congressional delegation in Washington, DC on current issues dealing with the AHA.

My favorite vegetable is fresh tomatoes. The best way to prepare them is rub them clean and eat them right off the vine in the garden.

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