Advocate Spotlight: Matthew Bulfer

We are excited to shine a light on an American Heart Association advocate that has a real passion for the mission of our organization. We are pleased to introduce to you our newest Denver Grassroots Action Team member, Matthew Bulfer.

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More about Matthew:

Hometown: Amboy, IL (really small town 2 hours west of Chicago)
Fun fact about you: I have a huge family! I am the youngest of 6 and an Uncle to 8 nieces/nephews.
Favorite movie: Avatar, Harry Potter, Toy Story movies (childhood favorite)
Hobbies: Hiking, reading (mostly textbooks right now), traveling and looking for places to travel to
Pets: Zane, 4 years old next month!
Role model: I look up to my Dad. He has worked hard his whole life as a farmer and out in the community.
Greatest achievement: Graduating from college and currently working on my Masters in Health Administration 
Why is advocating with the American Heart Association important to you? Health is such an important part of our individual lives and our community as a whole. I feel that advocating with the American Heart Association is helping to give a voice to those who have suffered, may be suffering, and families whose lives have been touched by heart diseases.
As a new Grassroots Action Team member, what are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to getting involved within the community and networking with Colorado government leaders as well as fellow Grassroots Action Team members.


If you’re interested in joining the Denver Grassroots Action Team or sharing your story in a future advocacy spotlight, please email [email protected].

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