Advocate Spotlight: Mallory Jones

Hello, my name is Mallory Jones, and I am honored to share my story with you. My journey with the American Heart Association (AHA) has been rooted in my life-changing experience that has fueled my passion for heart health advocacy.



In January 2021, during a junior high school volleyball game, I suddenly became disoriented, short of breath, and eventually collapsed. After being rushed to the emergency room, I was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome at the Kentucky Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Clinic. Following extensive testing, it was discovered that I had Non-Classical Wolff-Parkinson White due to an additional Noda Ventricular accessory pathway. Although it was a rare condition and couldn't be ablated due to its location and potential risk, the team assured me that I could lead a healthy and active life by taking good care of my heart and leading a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Living with a congenital heart disease has made me acutely aware of the silent yet deadly nature of heart disease. This realization ignited a passion within me to educate, advocate, and fundraise to end heart disease through my initiative, "Be Smart. Love Your Heart!" This cause is deeply personal, driven by my own experiences and a commitment to make a difference. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, and my goal is to create a heart-healthy community by promoting public policy and engaging Kentucky communities in heart health programs.

As a health ambassador with the AHA, I have worked directly with legislators, testified before the House Health Services Committee, and supported initiatives like House Bill 11, which raises the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products to 21. I also played a small part in the passage of HB169, expanding the requirement for Cardiac Emergency Response Plans and AEDs to elementary schools and securing $2.5 million in funding for the "AED Fund."

In addition to my advocacy work, I have been actively involved in various AHA events. I have had the honor of singing the national anthem at multiple American Heart Association events, performing the theme song for Go Red for Women Luncheons, and telling my story as part of the AHA's 100 Survivors Centennial Celebration. I have also volunteered at heart walks and spent time yodeling and singing for medical staff and fundraisers. These experiences have allowed me to use both my story and my talent to engage and inspire others to prioritize heart health.

The AHA has taught me the importance of heart health awareness, early screenings, and community support. I have seen firsthand the impactful work they do and love supporting their mission. Through their programs and initiatives, I have learned valuable skills and gained experiences that have shaped my advocacy efforts.

After my diagnosis, I discovered my passion for advocacy and sharing my talent. I decided to try pageants as a way to do both. I got involved with the Miss America Organization and am currently Miss Danville's Teen, competing this summer for Miss Kentucky's Teen. Through this platform, I proudly highlight my initiative, "Be Smart. Love Your Heart!" The partnership between the AHA and the Miss America Organization is important to me, and I am proud to be part of both.

Through "Be Smart. Love Your Heart!" I aim to create a lasting impact. With the right knowledge and resources, anyone can learn to save a life with Hands-Only CPR in just 90 seconds. This simple skill can mean the difference between life and death. Heart health is a community-wide issue that requires collective action. By raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, and promoting preventive measures, we can create a healthier future for everyone. Join me in the fight against heart disease—remember, "Be Smart. Love Your Heart!" for a brighter, healthier future.

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