Advocate Spotlight: Cruz Krause

Being A Kid is why

hero_image_alt_text===Photo of Cruz Krause and his younger brother
thumbnail_alt_text===Photo of Cruz Krause and his younger brother

Cruz Krause is normally a whirling, 5-year-old tornado of activity. So on April 11, 2018, when he could barely walk around  the bed at home without gingerly hanging on to steady himself, his parents knew something was wrong. They took him to their local hospital in Carrington, where the PA on duty ordered a head CT. The tests showed that something just wasn't quite right in Cruz's little brain and that he had potentially suffered several small, mini-strokes in the past. Cruz was flown to Fargo, and upon arrival an MRI showed that he was suffering from a very rare basilar stroke. Ninety percent of people who have this type of stroke die from it. 

Within moments, Cruz was rushed into surgery where doctors used a technique normally used on adults to return blood flow to his brain. The surgery took only 12 minutes to perform, and Cruz's recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. He was home only one week after his stroke, and has returned to his normal, rambunctious self. 

Cruz's mom credits the quick-thinking of the PA in Carrington who immediately activated the North Dakota Systems of Care to ensure Cruz got the timely treatment he needed to minimize damage to his brain. 

Photo of Cruz in Air Med Helicopter

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