Advocate Spotlight: Bethany Miller

This month we are thrilled to spotlight a passionate advocate at the American Heart Association, Bethany Miller. As a volunteer-driven organization, the American Heart Association would not be able to accomplish its goals, fulfill its mission and make a difference in the health of our community without amazing advocates like Bethany!


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Meet Bethany Miller:

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Bethany has been involved with the Miss America System for 8 years and is currently Miss Dogwood 2018. Her personal platform is Heart of Gold: Improving your heart health from the inside out!

School: I am a Junior at the University of Arkansas with a major in public health and a minor in theatre.
Hometown: Fayetteville, AR
Favorite movie: La La Land
Hobbies: Dancing, painting, being outside, going on hikes, fishing, exploring and, going to the movies
Pets: I live on a farm, so I have; cats- Zetta (11yrs) Jongy (6 mos) Peta (7 yrs) Mary-Kate (5yrs), dogs- Duke (14yrs), donkeys- Gummy (15yrs) Gimpy (15yrs), goat- Oliver (9yrs) and lots of chickens

Favorite way to share heart health:
Going to local schools and sharing my information with the students. Getting them to realize being healthy also can be FUN! I use my program Heart of Gold. This program involves having a large gold puzzle in the shape of a heart that is split into three main categories- Physical, Emotional, and Servant Hearted. Each of these split into three smaller sections and the students must decide how to put the heart together, where it fits within the puzzle pieces and where the facts on the piece match to make a Heart of Gold.

Bethany with school children

Favorite American Heart Association event:
This year specifically, my favorite AHA event has been the Wear Red Day for Women. I loved this day because the Public Health Honor Society that I am a member of got together and chalked the U of A campus, posted it on social media, and all wore red! Also, my entire college sorority supported me, and the AHA, by wearing red and we took a picture all together during lunch! I was also able to get my other friends and family members involved. Wear Red Day is such a fun way to start off Heart Month, and it is a wonderful opportunity to share about the AHA and heart health.

Bethany during chalk day

Why is advocating for the AHA important to me
Advocating for the American Heart Association is important to me because is it very personal. I was born with a heart murmur and then had to go to Children's Hospital in middle school to have many tests on my heart to make sure it was healthy. Beyond that, my grandfather was a heart surgeon and is one of the reasons I love the medical and health field so much, It has been interesting growing up with all his knowledge about the heart. Also, the AHA ties in directly with my personal platform for the Miss America Organization, Heart of Gold: Improving your heart health from the inside out. Being an advocate for AHA has supplied me with more information to apply to my platform. I feel the need to go and share my knowledge and understanding of overall health, but especially heart health, with everyone that I come into contact with! I love learning more about the AHA, and am looking forward to being more involved in the future.

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