Advocate Spotlight: Anoli Billy

Have you heard of the American Heart Association Sweetheart Program? This month we want to shine a light on a Sweetheart in Oklahoma that has been inspired to continue advocating for heart past her time in the program. Please meet young advocate, Anoli Billy.

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Anoli Bill

About me: I am a sophomore at Purcell High School. My favorite movie is Smoke Signals. I enjoy attending tribal events, playing basketball, stickball, golf, and billiards.  I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I attend church at Landmark in Purcell and have a wonderful youth group there.  I have four dogs, one pig, piglets on the way, and two horses.

Anoli Billy and 2 friends

Anoli Billy holding a trophy

Role model: My Role model is my mom, Lisa J. Billy. She has overcome much adversity and proven to be a wonderful leader for not only her family, but everyone she meets. 

Two celebrities or historical figures you would want to have dinner with (living or not) and why?  I would have dinner with Winston Churchill because he was a great leader and I could learn a lot from him. I would also have dinner with Pearl Carter Scott. She was the youngest female licensed pilot in the state of Oklahoma and she was Chickasaw.  I am interested in aviation and I am also Chickasaw, so it would be a great honor to learn from her. 

Anoli Billy and her family

Favorite AHA event and why? One of my favorite American Heart Association events that I have attended was a daddy daughter cooking class because I got to spend time with my dad as we learned how to cook tasty, healthy dishes that even my dad would enjoy eating. (That’s a tough one to do, too.)

 Anoli Billy at a meeting

Why is advocating with the American Heart Association important to you? Advocating for the American Heart Association is very important to me because being I love having the opportunity to help other people, learn about the importance of healthy living and, how it can positively affect the future of Oklahoma.

I have learned so much from the opportunity of serving as a Sweetheart and Advocate for the American Heart Association.  I am committed even more now, to living a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I challenge each of you to join me and get involved with the lifesaving advocacy work of the American Heart Association. Add your voice by simply texting HEART to 46839 right now or visit It only takes a few moments, and you will be a part of a powerful movement to save lives. 

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