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Advocate Spotlight: Anand Raghunathan

While having lunch one August day after hours of playing a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee, Anand Raghunathan began to display bouts of confusion and irritability to his friends. After unsuccessful attempts to reason with him, his friends decided to seek medical attention when they realized there may be something seriously wrong. 

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While walking with him, Anand's right side went completely lifeless. Unsure of the situation’s severity, his friends put him in an ambulance to be checked out at a nearby hospital. Days later, MRIs confirmed the CVA/stroke, leaving Anand with memory loss and aphasia. Thanks to attentive medical staff, prompt speech therapy, and a stubborn dedication to recovery, today Anand has regained virtually all of his speech and memory faculties and lives without activity restrictions.

In May, we will be sharing stroke stories like Anand's across our social media channels. Do you have a story to tell about your stroke or caring for a family member? Please send it in to us! You can email it to Megan at [email protected]

Anand is sharing his story on May 17th at the Texas Capitol at an educational event for legislative staff about stroke treatment in honor of Stroke Awareness month. If you are interested in attending this event or sharing your story in a future issue of The Pulse Newsletter, please reach out to Megan at [email protected]



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