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Advocate Tip- VOTE


There is no doubt your realize that election day is almost here, thanks to the barrage of political ads on TV and in your mailbox and your friends’ relentless political posts on Facebook.

It’s easy to get discouraged and disillusioned by the negative tone you often hear in the political discourse in this country. But the mere fact we can have that debate, the fact that we can line up at the polls on election day or send our ballot by mail- that we GET TO CHOOSE our leaders and lawmakers- is an incredible right. I take that right seriously. I consider it an honor, and I hope you do too. Call me a nerd, but I get excited every single time I cast my vote.

And those leaders we choose… they matter to our nation’s health and to everyone touched by heart disease and stroke. Whether they are members of town councils, county commissioners, state legislators, members of Congress or the President of the United States- they are making decisions that effect each of us. From making sure our communities support physical activity to requiring screening for newborns that would detect congenital heart defects, to deciding how much funding to allocate for medical research, these people can have an enormous impact on all our lives.

Who we choose matters. So use your voice. Exercise your right. VOTE November 6.     

Because You’re the Cure.

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