Amy Edmunds

If you were a bird, what kind would you be?  One day almost 9 years ago, I suddenly became a parrot, repeating myself over and over again, like Polly the Parrot.

I was having a stroke!  Prior to my stroke, I did not engage in any ‘at risk’ behaviors. I never smoked. I was never overweight. I wasn’t anywhere near ‘old age.’ My experience illustrates that stroke does not discriminate between the weak and the strong or the young and the old. It may truly happen to anyone.

Since then I’ve looked for ways to make a difference for others, becoming an advocacy volunteer and spokesperson for the American Heart Association, among other things. There is much that we as Advocates can do, and we need your help to expand our reach.

 Amy (center) talks with attendees at a caregiver appreciation luncheon in Myrtle Beach SC

 Amy (center) talks with attendees at a caregiver appreciation luncheon in Myrtle Beach SC

I recently posted this piece on my Facebook page, asking my friends to be a part of the cause:    "You or someone you know may have a reason to care about saving lives touched by cardiovascular disease or stroke. Join the American Heart Association’s You’re the Cure network and click on the links they send to make your voice heard and help drive policy change. Please repost this on your own page, and ask your friends to support the effort too. Policies should be shaped by the people they touch. It’s easy…just click here:"

Mostly recently, I attended the Cardiovascular Health Briefing at the White House. I will be addressing the World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad, India on October 27 - and YoungStroke 2016 is scheduled in Jackonville, Florida on December 13-14.  I am also excited to share that I have published features in Stroke Connection Magazine

You know people who care just as much as you do. Won’t you take a moment to post this on your page too? 


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