Kim Landreth



Kim Landreth, North Carolina

All I ever wanted was to be a mother. Then six months into my pregnancy I found out that my baby girl would be born with a heart defect.

We were devastated and so afraid of what was to come for our little girl. Olivia was born in Jan. 2008 with a heart defect that later caused her to have a heart transplant before she was one year old.

Because of people like the American Heart Association who participate in constant research it made it possible for Olivia to be here with us today and for me to be the mother I have always wanted to be. Olivia went through a heart transplant that some years ago would have been impossible to overcome but with the research that has been done by the American Heart Association and advancing medical procedures the heart transplant was a success and Olivia is now 4 years old.

Olivia is nothing short of a miracle and we are so blessed. More research needs to be done to make these transplants more successful and prolong the life expectancy of these transplanted hearts.

As a mother of a very strong and loving heart survivor I am grateful for the American Heart Association programs. It means so much.  Olivia thanks you from the bottom of her heart!

 Kim with her family

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