Advocate Spotlight - Brittany Badicke


Welcome Back Brittany!

Brittany Badicke is the newest advocate to join the AHA team, in an exciting role leading our new initiative, Oregon Kids Move with Heart. Brittany is the Regional Campaign Manager for our effort to get more kids physically active during the school day, and over the next year she’ll be working to support our partners at Beaverton School District.

During the summer of 2014, Brittany worked as an Intern with the Advocacy team. During her time with AHA, she built legislative support for evidence-based tobacco prevention and cessation programs in key districts by educating legislators about the local program successes and current needs, and mobilized local public health experts and grassroots leaders to attend in-district meetings.

Brittany grew up in Longview, Washington and after graduating high school moved to Vancouver, Washington, became a Certified Nursing Assistant, and began pre-requisites for nursing school. Being intrigued by acute care, and with more opportunity to work in an acute care setting in Oregon, she earned her CNA II acute care license and moved to Portland, Oregon. Brittany had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings in just over three and a half years as a Certified Nursing Assistant, including: Assisted living, Medical Specialties, Oncology, and Skilled Nursing.

While working as a CNA and meeting several patients suffering from preventable diseases, she realized her passion is in health promotion and disease prevention, leading her to pursue a degree in health education. Brittany recently graduated from Portland State University with her Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education.

Over the last year she has also been a volunteer Referral and Care Coordinator at a local community health clinic where she has worked with a multidisciplinary team to provide support and link patients with necessary medical referrals. In her personal time she enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Brittany (back!) on our team, and we know her tireless efforts will help hundreds of Oregon kids.

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