Advocate Spotlight: Bobbie Kane


A few weekends ago I had the privilege of helping out at my first Heart Walk in Billings, Montana.  What a beautiful day and what an amazing event!  The people that gathered together to walk and raise funds (and awareness), were awesome.  There were survivors that walked and people that had lost loved ones who walked in their memory.  It was so fun to celebrate and remember along with them.  I was able to man the advocacy table for the American Heart Association’s You’re the CureEVERY SINGLE PERSON I talked to about signing a post card in support of have CPR taught in our schools said YES!  And thanked us for taking action in this way to get this accomplished in the state of Montana.

When I was in college, I happened to be the first person on the scene of an accident.  A little girl had fallen out of a second story window and was unconscious.  I was in the park across the street and came running over to offer help.  Due to the first aid and CPR class that I had taken I was able to stay calm, identify shock,  and tell the mother to call 911 as I held the girls head and neck stable in case of neck injury.  My interaction that day didn’t require CPR, but having gone through that course, I was able to keep my head and handle that situation well.  Thankfully the little girl made a full recovery.

I believe every student should graduate with this vital knowledge!  How awesome would it be if we could graduate thousands of students each year with the knowledge of how to SAVE A LIFE?!  

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