Advocate Spotlight: Ann Malmberg

Meet Ann Malmberg, volunteer advocate in North Dakota.  Like many other families in North Dakota, Ann's family has been affected by heart disease.  It's why she has chosen to advocate for women's health and for active, healthy lifestyles for all North Dakotans.  

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I recently joined  “You’re the Cure”,  the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s grassroots advocacy community. I am the Regional Director of Community Health for Essentia Health. My role at Essentia is totally in line with the role of this committee to drive healthier communities and healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke.

As with most of the population, I’ve been affected by heart disease.  Both my father and father-in-law died from complications after heart attacks. I’ve also had a heart attack at age 50 and benefited from the protocols driving rapid care including getting patients quickly to the the cath lab.

I have participated as part of a community initiative for Go Red in the past and our hospital is partnering with AHA on the new ANCHOR project to drive better food choices for patients/families and employees.

Together we are making a difference.


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